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Lipstick under my burkha

I was extremely happy when this movie released after so much struggle with the censor board. I had decided to not miss it in the theatre and we went for the 10 am show today. Was happy to note that the theatre was almost full at that hour.

The movie stars Konkona Sen Sharma, Ratna Pathak, Aahana Kumra, Plabita Borthakur, Sushant Singh, Vikrant Massey and Shashank Arora.

There is so much I want to say about the movie. Yes, it is a "lady oriented" film, whatever the censor board means by that. I guess it means that this movie realistically portrays women of all ages and that is reason enough for it to get most men's and some women's knickers in a twist.

*Spoilers ahead*

A 50 year old who reads erotica??? OMG. And wants to have sex? With a man half her age? How dare she!!! That is ridiculous. Whoever heard of people having sex with other people half their age.

There is a woman having an affair with another man while her mother has arranged her marriage against her wish…

Nobody can love you more by Mayank Austen Soofi

I have been following Mayank on twitter for a few weeks. He writes about Delhi on his blog The Delhiwala. I picked up this book while browsing at The Full Circle bookstore at Khan Market (one of the best bookstores in Delhi).

Soofi spent 3 years at G B road talking to the prostitutes and kothe malik there and this book chronicles their life. It is written practically without a emotional touch. We are not asked to sympathise with them and neither is there disgust.

Their lives have a touch of humanity along with cruelty. Like any of us. I like how Soofi juxtaposes his life against theirs. Like, how he escapes from the dirt and filth of G B road to a high class party in South Delhi. He has to overcome his disgust to earn their trust. Because if he can't share their food, how can he expect them to share their lives.
The writing is very honest. It is rare to come across writers who are aware about their privilege and pretension.

I recommend this book highly. It has an underlying nosta…

Nehru by Shashi Tharoor

Nehru is one the few politicians and leaders I truly admire.

He is the reason the country is secular, in constitution if not in reality. He had a very modern outlook. I am proud of the fact that someone like him who embodied the right values was our first PM.
If it was upto Gandhi or Patel, we would be shackled with religion.

This book by Shashi Tharoor is brilliant, witty and so well written. He is extremely balanced in his view about Nehru and there is no hint of bias towards him or Congress.

It is unfortunate how Nehru's mistakes (and he did make many of them) are highlighted today and the ideals he stood for are conveniently forgotten.

Roadhouse Blues by Malin James

Like most females, my first introduction to erotica was through Mills and Boon. It got boring too fast but strangely continues to sell like hot cakes despite the same formula in every book.

Girl and boy meet. Girl and boy fight. Girl is dainty and feminine. Boy is strong and macho. Have amazing chemistry. Girl gives in, despite herself (without venturing into the rape territory). They almost have sex but don't. Misunderstanding. Parting. Getting back together. Sex in the end, described in the most cheesy way.
Tell me am wrong.

I know there is good erotica out there but it is hard to find. What is the difference between erotica and porn? Erotica is what would be termed as soft porn. Which means the focus is on chemistry rather than penetration. Porn is sex, mainly penetration. In erotica the subjects need not be pretty, have big breasts or dicks or muscular bodies. Porn is all about that. Erotica is real. Porn is make believe. Erotica makes you have sex in your head. Porn isn'…

Big little lies

I read the book by Liane Moriarty and then watched the series on Shilpi's recommendation. The book is fabulous but the series tops that.

Read the book but do not miss the series. It is about 3 friends who are mothers in a small town. Starring Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley and Alexander Skarsgard (so hot) it opens with a murder. We don't know who is murdered and don't find out till the end. Yet, the murder isn't the most gripping incident in the series. The three friends are dealing with major issues in their lives, ranging from date rape to domestic violence.

I haven't come across a better portrayal of domestic violence. It is so realistic and made me realize that you never know what's going in the minds and lives of people closest to you. Shailene Woodley is such a fabulous actress and plays the complex role so well.

The opening theme is so so so good that it is stuck in my head and I have to play it on loop over and over and over again.


I am really sorry for how slow things are on this blog (and the other one too). I am trying to make the time. Hell, am even praying for an additional 2 hours in my day to accommodate all my hobbies and interests.

I don't remember where I got the recommendation for Glow (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) but I started watching it few weeks back. It is about a show about a group of actresses in the 80s who featured in a women's wrestling show. It is over the top, campy but so much fun. There is a lot of drama with the lead protagonists not getting along over one's affair with another's husband, a messed up director, racism, a broke producer etc.

The good news is that it has only 1 season as of yet so you can finish it in a week. A perfectly entertaining feel good show that requires no brain cells.